Over 10 years of accumulated know-how, combined with in-house metallurgical capabilities and forging simulation software result in optimal forging processes. Utilizing advanced CAD/CAM software together with in-house manufacturing of tools and forging dies results in short lead time for development and production.

Investment Casting

Hypertech Investment Casting manufactures high precision metal parts that are needed by industrial sectors. Investment casting is a precision casting method for manufacturing of metal parts. Investment casting can produce parts in exact dimensions or closely approximate finished dimension, so it saves through of elimination of machining operations, increased tool life and reduction of labor cost. Stainless steels, low/high alloy carbon steels, aluminum, cobalt and nickel alloys are used as casting material.


Hypertech has teamed up with two leading manufacturers of advanced high speed machining centers, to assemble a world class modern machine shop. Our 3 CNC machining centers, 6 CNC turning machine, CNC wire EDM, 3 CNC swiss late incorporate the most advanced technology available to achieve the highest material removal rate possible in hard metals such as titanium, stainless steel and cobalt chrome. Hypertech has applied our knowledge of materials, tooling, advanced machine controllers and programming techniques to a highly successful machining.

Surface Treatment

High energy finishing, belting, polishing with robot technology and multi-media surface texturing are just some processes used to produce mirror finishes and various texture requirements on our medical components.


Hypertech’s engineering department employs advanced design and validation methods such as 3-D solid modeling, finite element analysis, computer aided manufacturing, forging simulation and tool path verification for product design and manufacturing development. Advanced engineering and the use of high end software packages to design, simulate and validate all manufacturing processes employed at our facility, has been the core of Hypertech’s highly successful business model.

Quality Assurance

Hypertech Company is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality requirements. Uncompromised quality is engineered into our products and processes from the onset of each program. The quality of every Hypertech product begins with the manufacturing process, designed to meet customer specifications and requirements. The involvement of experienced metallurgical and chemical engineers at every stage from design through production assures high-quality products

Shop floor operators responsible for controlling quality at their station.

Dimensional inspections using CMM.

In order to ensure that all properties meet customers’ specifications, Hypertech has In-house metallurgical and chemical labs, equipped with the most advanced equipment for:

Metallurgic evaluation (micro and macro)

Coatings and its thickness evaluation


Mechanical testing (tensile test)

Hydrogen and sieve analysis



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